Ozone A New Medical Drug

Author : Velio Bocci

Edition : 2nd Edition

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5 years have elapsed from the first edition posted in 2005 and, inside the interim, work from mine and other Laboratories and clinics has in addition clarified and stepped forward the use of ozone remedy. but, regardless of some new paintings completed in Italy and other countries, it is unfortunate that essential medical studies completed in step with the Helsinki’s paradigm have not but been carried out or published. 

A small exception is represented by using a Cuban trial but their scientific research of the diabetic foot through using only 20 days of rectal insufflation of ozone is just too accurate to be sensible and it desires to be confirmed with the aid of a far more reliable process because the ozonated autohemotherapy. As a long way as I know, accurate journals do no longer accept papers based on such obscure method because the rectal insufflation of ozone.

However the worst e-book changed into a clinical trial published inside the Lancet, January 2008 reporting the failure of a repeated management of a small (10 ml) quantity of blood ozonated with as many as 75 mg ozone + UV remedy and + warmth-pressure in sufferers. This e-book display how an certainly irrational and irresponsible procedure known as Celacade can critically damage the ozonetherapy idea.


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