RBFDP Resin Bonded Fixed Dental Prosthesis

Author : Matthias Kern

Edition : 1st Edition

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More than 25 years after our first description of all-ceramic resin-bonded fixed dental prostheses (RBFDPs), a former scientific method has became a really reliable treatment modality. Excellent clinical data confirms their longevity. 

These RBFDPs were fabricated in 1990 from alumina ceramic for anterior single tooth replacement2 employing a two-retainer design. About 5 years later the singleretainer design for all-ceramic RBFDPs was introduced3 and yielded even better success. 

With caries-free abutment teeth and adequate indication, anterior tooth replacement with singleretainer metal- and all-ceramic RBFDPs provides a minimally invasive alternative to single implants or other conventional treatment methods. Why, however, can we only now have a book about this actually rather old dental treatment method?


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