Clinical Success in Immediate Complete Denture

Author : Michel Pompignoli
Michel Postaire
Didier Raux

Edition : 1st Edition

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Transitioning a patient from partial edentulism to full edentulism within the maxilla may be a challenge to practitioners, particularly since loss of the maxillary anterior dentition are often traumatic for several patients. the newest offering within the Clinical Success series, this book presents the clinical and laboratory protocols for successful treatment of a hopeless dentition using an instantaneous complete denture. 

As an alternate approach to traditional complete dentures, the treatment strategy described during this book enables practitioners to deliver a functional prosthesis on an equivalent day because the final extractions of the anterior dentition, thus facilitating patient adjustment to the edentulous state. 

Numerous clinical examples and a case presentation illustrate each step-by-step procedure, including impression taking, registration of the maxillomandibular relationship, prosthetic fabrication, use of surgical stents, placement of the definitive prosthesis, and problem solving for complex clinical situations.


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