Dental Management of the Pregnant Patient

Author : Christos A. Skouteris

Edition : 1st Edition

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Pregnancy is a unique and momentous enjoy in a woman’s lifestyles. As such, a complete method to the control of oral fitness issues that a girl may additionally face throughout gestation becomes a need. My hobby in embarking on the preparation of this book has three assets. First, the have an effect on from my circle of relatives surroundings. each my parents had been healthcare practitioners who worked inside the region of obstetrics and gynecology for the duration of their professional lives. At an early age, I do not forget frequently listening with hobby to lengthy discussions on their experiences with pregnant sufferers. I started to realize the demanding situations that they needed to face and that i got here to appreciate how deeply they cared approximately each the mom and the new child child. 

In later years, as a dental student, I used to help in the delivery room and in gynecologic surgical techniques and witnessed the miracle of childbirth. although I had already made my profession preference, I evolved an interest within the care of the pregnant affected person because of my early exposure to the intricacies of gestation. This interest became similarly augmented after I provided secretarial assistance to my father in the course of his writing of  textbooks, one on menstruation and the alternative, a ‐volume textbook on obstetrics and gynecology.

through my involvement in those projects, I discovered plenty about the complexity of maternal body structure, the pathological situations of pregnancy, and the capacity dangers that can complicate labor and delivery. it’s far only unfortunate that my father never had the possibility to peer his work posted.


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