Kratochvil Fundamentals of Removable Partial Dentures

Author : Daniela Orellana
John Beumer III
Ting-Ling Chang

Edition : 1st Edition

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In the 1960s, Professor F. J. Kratochvil recognized the importance of biomechanics in removable denture (RPD) design and used these principles to develop a replacement design philosophy. This RPI system-a clasp assembly consisting of a rest, a proximal plate, and an I-bar retainer-changed how clinicians approach denture design and is now used throughout the planet . This textbook provides an summary of Kratochvil’s design philosophy and therefore the basic principles of biomechanics it’s based upon. 

Topics include components of RPDs and their functions, design sequences for maxillary and mandibular RPDs, and techniques for surveying and determining the foremost advantageous treatment position. A chapter dedicated to digital design and manufacturing of RPD frameworks highlights new technology during this emerging field. Additional topics include optimizing esthetic outcomes through attachments and rotational path RPDs also as applying the RPI system to patients with maxillofacial defects. 

The authors provide illustrations of clinical cases throughout the book also as an illustrated glossary of prosthodontic terminology. This textbook will prepare students and general practitioners to style and fabricate a biomechanically sound RPD framework for almost any dental configuration they encounter. 748 Illustrations


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