Occlusion Made Easy

Author : Gerard Duminil
Olivier Laplanche

Edition : 1st Edition

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Releasing a replacement book is usually an exciting moment for a publisher. Suddenly, a virtual idea launched months before becomes actual and tangible. The view of an author, who dedicated tons of your time and intellectual energy to rearrange his thoughts, can finally be shared with the most important number. 

The book written by Gerard Duminil brings this type of thrill, but it also has three other specificities. 5 it’s the primary book to be released during a new series published by the Groupe Espace ID under the name … Made easy. the most purpose of this series is to require a long way from what already exists in our odontological world to dig directly into the core of things, with no useless speeches, while deliberately adopting a practical, pragmatic and pedagogical approach. This book has brilliantly overcome of these challenges. 

The topic (occlusion) stands itself at the crossroads of just about all our professional activities. Every practitioner knows that checking and adjusting occlusion may be a key element within the success of the many of our treatments. Unfortunately, this science remains often perceived as too complicated, even unintelligible. Here again, clinicians ready to synthesize their knowledge without making it ridiculously simplistic were needed.


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