Self-Assessment Color Review Veterinary Dentistry

Author : Frank Verstraete
Anson J. Tsugawa

Edition : 2nd Edition

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We hope that the contents of this book could be a real mirrored image of its name. this article was written to provide you, the reader, whether or not you are a keen very last-year student, a resident, a practitioner, or a board-certified specialist, an opportunity to assess your understanding of veterinary dentistry, based on a chain of properly-illustrated questions. with any luck, it’ll stimulate your interest and promote in addition study. The e book need to be utilized in combination with standard dentistry textbooks; it isn’t supposed to alternative for any of them, and never ought to this e book be visible as a stand-on my own quantity. 

If, at the stop of an evening, having long past via a few questions, you locate your desk protected with half of a dozen opened veterinary and human dental textbooks, and several article reprints scattered in between, we can have done our goal! Care has been taken to make sure that the fabric provided is informative and factually accurate. however, the format of the ebook does no longer allow in-depth discussion of the diverse nuances which could exist and be relevant to a clinical case.

equally, the random nature of the questions and the constrained volume of this ebook do no longer permit a systematic and comprehensive review of the subject remember. despite the fact that we apprehend those shortcomings, we urge the reader to look past the restrictions of the format and use this book for its supposed reason of self evaluation.


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